Hi, Im Heather Molina, Co-Founder & Executive Director of the Orenda Society a non-for-profit organization that delivers yoga, mindfulness, and mentorship programming to youth. The Orenda Society was founded on the basis to ignite transformation in youth. The word Orenda means ~the force present in all people that empowers them to change their own lives and affect the world.

My students remind me why I chose to pursue an unconventional career pathfinding meaning in everyday experiences, connections, collaborations, heartfelt work, & making a difference. YOUTH YOGA SUMMER CAMP is one of the offerings the Orenda Society creates, which truly is magic. We create a safe space for youth to show up & be themselves, to have a voice, to dig deep, & find purpose. The practice of yoga & mindfulness, are tools that enable us to connect within. Advocating for mental health & creating a platform for conversation is so important for youth today in order to create a deeper understanding of what is a silent epidemic. No one should have to suffer in silence. We need to allow individuals to truly be seen, loved, accepted, appreciated, and stories shared because the truth is we are all good enough’ and sometimes we just need to be reminded!  

In yoga, you have the ability to become more present and lighthearted. The voice in your head you know” that critical one will no longer have to rule your life. What people think about you will no longer matter as much. For yoga isn’t simply movement and breath, it is a way to connect to our bodies from a place of love and understanding.