My name is Idaho and I have ADHD, PTSD, and Massive Depressive Disorder and I am here to share with you something pretty important. Being Neuro-Divergent is okay. I didn’t always think so myself, so I get it if there might still be some resistance to the idea of a condition like Adult ADHD. And ADHD is what I want to discuss here.

Growing up I always knew something wasn’t quite right with me.  Not that I “FELT” different to myself, it was only when I compared myself to the kids around me.  They just seemed to find everything much easier than I did.  And boy was I socially awkward. But I had no idea I had ADHD. It was completely missed. Missed by my teachers and missed by my parents.  My parents I can understand; I grew up in a terribly abusive home where things like LOVE and CONCERN did not exist.  They were simply not that interested. So I trudged on. Alone.

You see, 60% of children who have ADHD carry it into adulthood. And so I struggled still not knowing what was at the root of all my difficulty. After you read this, please look up “Executive Function and ADHD” and you will begin to understand just how challenging this conditions can be. But I digress, Another charming feature of ADHD, the wandering thoughts. Anyway. Moving away from my abusive family was obviously one of the best things I could have done for myself, but boy did I bumble. Being a survivor of childhood sexual and physical abuse left me traumatized and with the very physical injury of PTSD. I look back and am so surprised I am writing this today.  In my twenties, I survived three rapes and a horrific car accident where I lost three close friends. I somehow managed to get myself through it but still had no clue what was lurking in the background making the PTSD even worse; that undiagnosed and untreated ADHD.

Fast forward to today.  I was formally diagnosed with Adult ADHD three months ago. I am on medication. And my world makes so much more sense, not because of the medication, but because of how the ADHD brain is wired.  You see I don’t look at my ADHD as a “disorder”; it’s only a disorder because my traits and characteristic don’t fit into a neuro-typical world.  You see, I’m not “mentally ill” I’m neuro-divergent. Because my brain is wired the way it is I feel the world more deeply than a neuro-typical person. My world is so much more detailed than other people, and the details come at me all at once.

Sure there are some challenges, and they mostly come out when trying to navigate a world not built for us. I say my ADHD world is just fine, I would simply love you to learn about it and then we can start to work together without the stigma society puts on us.

Thank you for listening.