Hi, my name is Jamie and I am the co-founder of the Orenda Society. Orenda delivers a unique blend of personal development opportunities that incorporates yoga, meditation, and mindfulness activities to enhance youth’s ability to navigate confidently through life and walk their path with purpose.

That feeling when you can feel your heart beating, your feet supported underneath you by earth, the sound and ease of your own breath, that sweet feeling of home. When we practice yoga we come to our mats to move in a way that serves us that allows us to move in our own way in a safe space to surrender to the perfectly imperfect humans that we each are.

The Orenda society is much more to me than a society I co-founded or work for it is that place where we come together to be ourselves, to cry, to yell, to laugh, to be proud and confident of our bodies, our minds, our pasts and trusting that with the work, the tools there will be shift and change that we are all capable of finding.

These young people show up and are shifting and healing not only themselves but society. This work, these girls, have taught me much more about life, myself and they have called me on my own sh*t, they require me to show up every day for myself and for them.




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