Hello, my name is Rich and I’ve managed to wear many hats in the creative world.

Drawing has always been my grounding salvation, it is the place I slow down, a platform to distill thoughts and make things tangible to determine if they have a place in my life, this is where I heal.

Growing up I was informed by those around me that these low feelings I started to express were not depression, was given firm reminders that as a male these feelings are not a part of my reality and to outgrow all these things is a mark of maturity.

For years I would ostrich, put an emotional head in the sand and try to follow those cultural scripts family, friends, teachers, agencies, clients and art industries write.

To little avail, my passions take me up, they take me down, as I travel I am observant and I still have to distill my thoughts and make things tangible to evaluate.

I am thankful that art found me at an early age, I wonder what I may be without these tools and know that my ability to find balance is a product of moving pencils.