Hi, my name is Kelsey Lauren and I am a certified Holistic Health Coach. I work with clients who want to step more fully into their purpose and develop the self-awareness, self-love, transformative habits and mindsets to carry them to their next level.

A couple of years ago, I was in a relationship that greatly influenced the trajectory of my life. I had always heard stories of emotional abuse and felt a deep empathy and love for victims and survivors – never imagining that it would become a significant chapter in my story. It was in this toxic environment that I learned the habits of self-doubt, self-judgment, mistrust in my own intuition and I developed anxiety and C-PTSD.

These behaviors started seeping into each area of my life and I soon felt like I had completely lost control of myself. My self-talk echoed the cruel and hateful words that had been spoken to me over the course of the relationship. I began to lose faith in my ability to know what was best for me – the result of regular gaslighting, leading me to feel powerless and uncertain. The self-confident, assertive and radiant girl I once was became a distant memory, and in her place was a fragile, disconnected one who desperately needed support.

I felt totally broken, full of fear and as though I had failed. I knew this wasn’t me and that the journey back home to my Self would be dark and harrowing. In spite of all of the self-hatred I carried in my heart, there was a small piece of me that still wanted to give the hope I had in finding myself again a chance.

I was led inward to hold space for myself and start to collect the pieces of myself that I had abandoned. The healing process could only begin after I faced the parts of myself that I hated and was deeply ashamed of. Those things that fed my fears and anxieties. I had to learn to forgive myself with a compassionate heart and humble myself to the idea of needing to lean on others for support, love and guidance.

Healing is and was sometimes blurry and messy. I struggled for many months with night terrors, panic attacks and other physical health issues as a result of the stress my mind, body and spirit were under. Although I am still on my healing journey, I have a deeper understanding of how vital it is to reach out for support and connection and to cultivate a loving relationship to Self. I have amassed a few strategies that help me manage my anxiety on a daily basis including changing the way I choose to see my relationship with anxiety, learning to surrender my need for control through meditation and by building a support network.

My story and experiences have shaped, strengthened and inspired me to hold space and support others as they make their journey home to Self. I hold so much love and compassion in my heart for the sacredness of each person – for you. It is my hope that no matter how trying things are, you can find a reminder, however small, in my story that you are resilient, loved, worthy and you are not alone. I honor you and send you strength and love.