We have exciting news! Project Nightlight has been chosen by D.I.T.R.O. to be the Partnered Charitable Organization for 2019-2020 and we couldn’t be more excited and grateful.

When I asked Sam why she chose us, this is what she said:

“Community + Mental Health. Two things that have been instilled in me from a very young age. I grew up in a very small town, known for its Centennial Centre of Mental Health + Brain Injury + bringing with it a stigma that surrounded my town. Both my parents worked as psychiatric nurses at the CCMHBI + later in my early adulthood, I too would work as a psychiatric aide.

Both life experiences taught me the importance of treating everyone I meet like family..no matter how different we are…to be supportive + show love to those who need it the most…The magic that happens when you bring together like-minded individuals who are passionate about finding a way to express + raise awareness for the things that matter the most. These are all of the reasons why I chose Project Nightlight to be my partnered charitable organization for 2019-2020.

To me, Project Nightlight is about the passion + drive of sharing life stories of others about mental health + mental illness. It’s about shedding the light on finding support when it comes to the importance of early development in youth mental health + breaking the stigma of adult mental health. PNL is about making others feel like home. A place where people feel safe…a feeling of community.”

So what does this mean for Project Nightlight over the next year? Well for starters, you will be seeing more of Sam as she always volunteers with the organizations she chooses and she always picks one that specializes in the realm of mental health. A portion of the proceeds from the amazing products Sam chooses to make will also be donated to Project Nightlight (this is so exciting!) If you aren’t familiar with her work already, do yourself a favor and check our her instagram page here: D.I.T.R.O.

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