Welcome to Project Nightlight. This non-profit is focused on breaking the silence around mental health and normalizing our thoughts and feelings to create stronger foundations for families. 

Mental health affects us all. One in five Canadians will suffer from mental illness at some point in their lifetime. It reaches us all directly or through a friend, family member or colleague.

Project Nightlight gives real people a chance to break the silence and join a community of individuals focused on communicating their experiences, coping with mental health issues, and learning through a network of resources. Here you will find people sharing their mental health stories and connecting with a broad group of like-minded individuals. 

Our goal is to do better. To provide a safe space to share. To provide useful resources for people of all ages. To get past the stigma of mental illness, normalize speaking about our mental health and to help make things that are often invisible to friends and family visible through photos and stories. Join us.

Hi, I’m Tamara Becker, and I am the founder of Project Nightlight.

For me, the need to emphasize the importance of mental health and normalize this topic around the dinner table became crystal clear when my daughter was subjected to some troubling events in her school. Due to lack of funding, time and little awareness on the importance of Mental Health, damage was done. Some went above and beyond for all the children involved, but overall the theme seemed to center on keeping it quiet and ignoring the issues until they went away. People are good, but you can only

I believe in my core that if a troubled mind is left unattended and largely ignored, it will only grow more troubled. What we need to do is to pay closer attention. To listen harder. To reach out a helping hand instead of a judgmental look. We need to do better.

One way we can start to do better is to teach our children ways to cope, to express themselves and to breathe. But for that to happen, we need to know how to do this for ourselves.

My creation of Project Nightlight is based largely on these experiences but also on a lifelong interest in our mental health and its potential reach. I, like almost every single person I know, have been affected—whether it’s personal or via a loved one or acquaintance—by mental health issues. Together, we will be raising funds and awareness with the mission to empower children and families to openly discuss mental health. And, I’ll also be featuring local Calgarians who have experienced mental illness in some way, shape or form in an effort to expand and continue the conversation.

My hope is that together we can help bring the topic of mental illness and the necessity of self-care into the light. With every person who finds the courage to tell their story, we are that much closer to living in a world where acceptance, empathy, and compassion are everyday words.

Instead of shying away from the subject, we need to rip it out of the darkness and bathe it in the light. Mental illness is as real as a broken bone, and much farther reaching so why do we treat it like a dirty little secret? Life can be overwhelming, sometimes it’s hard to get out of bed, watching our kids suffer is gut-wrenching. But before we can start being a support to others, I think we have to forgive ourselves for not being perfect.